Third Rock from the sun

Beats the heck out of Carol B, Hokey, Gut busting, Ha,ha, Tee hee, Cast was picked with prisition, Right people, Right time, Timeless humor, A real Classic, tubi its an app on Goggle tons of old TV and movies. That four letter word too {Free} check-it-out!

Nothing convienant

Nothing cool about breeze, When pants are bigger then arse, Nothing swell about slippage, Breast slipping from harness, Nothing swell when standing in line, Detouring breast back in the pen at Wally World, Or standing in front of counter, Local library, Red bra like collar inside Tee shirt, One boob nipple hard, Pressing the shirt,Continue reading “Nothing convienant”

Chapter 20a,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

Chapter 17,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

Chapter 16c,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

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