How I select people to friend

Do they have a face? If yes maybe if No , Huge No! Animals are great pulls, But in todays uncertain world do I trust? Are the animals theirs? Seeing the animal with them in one photo, this poet says pass, Seeing twenty-seven to a million pictures of them nothing else first I assume Narcississ.Continue reading “How I select people to friend”

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Dear friends

Worry get excited No matter our age The light is still there The thrill of an adventure Time anticipated with a voyage In a new used car Off buying new chairs Near home When in your sixties times planned Times wandering Goals obtained Then ,then best get home Lonliness places missed homes like that NoContinue reading “Dear friends”

Chapter 16b,Aliens on rampage by Clete Barrett Smith

Chapter 6c,Disney Christopher Robin by Alex Ross Perry

Cab Ride, Red Balloon