Near nothing There is always that one person That person that thinks you do to much Eat to much Still fat I eat once a day I tell her Thwn I’m told What I eat is wrong I don’t munch I Work! I sit watch ten hours in 24×7= 168 Sleep four hours a nightContinue reading “Once”


Heterosexual fail to concieve Friendships thrive community wise FaceBook taught no distance matters Rural lost, Homosexuals like they Develop companionships Hearts nearness concieable Abyss sustainable Like letters void stamps New Dawn worked same way Text instead letters with stamps Our LGBTQ community sadly distant Assinine rubbing in our face Closeness outness they have Never fearfulContinue reading “Concieve”

Chapter 11,Message in the bottle Nicholas Sparks

Chapter 1a, https://youtu.be/TxawMZscleI Chapter 1b, https://youtu.be/HHwISO-_IDU Chapter 1c, letter https://youtu.be/NO3Qyu7b_fE Chapter 2a, https://youtu.be/Z2CqM3hJ1BM Chapter 2b, https://youtu.be/34BRXmUmIOU Chapter 3a, https://youtu.be/DVmMicXO-T4 Chapter 3b, https://youtu.be/bWGGfqewMYU Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/X0BTKW0d_CM Chapter 4b, https://youtu.be/0FYW8ebivvE Chapter 4c, https://youtu.be/MjVlIpcIv08 Chapter 4d, https://youtu.be/RQEqC7GTAqw Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/63e09VrIWsc Chapter 5b, https://youtu.be/oJS8CN7Bpk0 Chaptrr 6a, https://youtu.be/TxrQy35PMO0 Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/19f1waYR0og Chapter 6c, https://youtu.be/6ckbWfel8Uo Chapter 6d, https://youtu.be/8ZCrH6eT5Mw Chapter 7a, https://youtu.be/uEoAU1iOESYContinue reading “Chapter 11,Message in the bottle Nicholas Sparks”

End of Chapter 3,On the wings of heroes by Richard Peck

Why are friends hard to make?

When I was young I thought one friend was enough.Others had a number. My best dearest was my mom.Then my nephews outted me. I have no idea how. I had never dated anyone. I had always loved women.They always had more class then me.I’m a rare odd breed.I love hard,true and steadfast know none ofContinue reading “Why are friends hard to make?”

End of Chapter 20, Ratso and the rats of Nimh by Jane Leslie Conly


Chapter 24,Rewriting history by Vera Dodge