Florida Electricians, What a fun name for a slow ass company, Left my friend without power to wash, No security lights🤔, There is lite at end if dark Harry Potter tunnle, Mr.Sparky has decided to do the work abd get paid later, So once again clothes will be washed, Security lights shall shine, Thankyou MrContinue reading “Mr.Sparky”

A bear,piece of tape,a tail,

Upon the phone, Annoying friend, Kittens chewing on a bit of tape, Florida friend annoyed because I’m talking to my girls, Tail just a wagging, Liverpool bear on his face, Bear kitty butts on my books, All right with the world, … Florida friend hung up, Cats rule, Nice being loved, Florida friend saw myContinue reading “A bear,piece of tape,a tail,”

Watch “Chapter 10’11 1/2, Starring Sally J.Freedman as herself by Judy Blume” on YouTube

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