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Science Fiction, Predicting man walking on the moon, Great fiction author, Tonight I both started, And stopped reading a book of his, The Outline of history, Forth Edition,1922, The first paragraph board the historian me to sleep Life is full of excitement, Books that churn emotions, Books that become writers friends, At sixty-four working onContinue reading “H.G.Wells”

Chapter 4, Struggle,Jacqueline Night Walker by Val Whitewolf

Time heals all wounds is erronous. The feeling of lost not from time more from what is missed. Being in the state of denial feels like when it is found out vampires life is seemingly endless want what you have. The missing comes to the forefront when in order to view sunshine I do itContinue reading “Chapter 4, Struggle,Jacqueline Night Walker by Val Whitewolf”

Brigadoon or Quasqueton

Funny ones in Scotland, Ones Iowa, But yesterday, Traveling back from Independence,Iowa, The haze pressed down from the heavens, Brigadoonian’s step as if out of a daze, One town mythical One town where this poet writes, Frank Lloyd Wright, House sits seven miles hence, Quasqueton second oldest town, Buchanan County, Brigadoon created by a bargainContinue reading “Brigadoon or Quasqueton”

Chapter 21-24,We’ll Meet Again by Mary Higgens Clark


Chapter 7,8,9,10,11,12,13b,The Time Bike by Jane Langton

The gift and travel Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle