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Funny little girl

The little redhead that I’ve been working hard to save her life, Easier by far to give her a bath and Mr Black, Tonight is a stood at the sink ready in her bath, Eyes encrusted with a cold, Every morning I work hard to clear out it ick and they’re still infected I can’tContinue reading “Funny little girl”

Sleep,no drugs,

Pleasant sleep, Deep silent sleep, Easiest to drift past sheep dead on to sleep, A cat will take up residence upon my lap, It will be the most peaceful of my day, And like my aunt Wava who always rose early, Bingo,Bammo I am sound asleep, Yeo no drugs just a Purrfect cat.

Open two windows

For two seconds no noise, I figure all but Mr Black, My oldest cat, Just hanging by a window, Refurbish trailer means: Two screens, Two handing on for dear life, Only two windows openable, If the two that I open neither home beautiful will fight me for, One of I duck taped a fan in,Continue reading “Open two windows”

Distinct Character

Every being has one, Take Sophie my eldest calico, When a kitten her past life caught up to her, A nineteen twenties deva, First time in heat befire being fixed, She woukd stroll in front of me, Fling herself hither and neither, And silently scream mommie ‘look at me!’ ‘Are I not devine!’ I wouldContinue reading “Distinct Character”

Hello out there

Thought Precious one of my kittens bit by a sister, On her side was a deep gauge, A sister in Fort Worth told me what to use, The wound healed, There are several knots by her neck, They are healing? In some ways my little girl is perfect, In other ways she resembles a warContinue reading “Hello out there”

Time to go the kitchen

Savages are in earnest, Sophie the scout, Starts wake up process, Stomping all over me, Then laying in me, Then kissing me by ramming her nose into my lips, That is my grey calico at her mist annoying, Then Precious for second time in two days takes down the lamp, Like a deer the lampContinue reading “Time to go the kitchen”


How Odd! Simply wonderful, Oddly devine, I just noticed, All my cats are poeticly inclined, All their devine, Feline names first any who, Rhyme by ending in ie, Allow me to be bold, Allow me to share, Emilie I sometimes call Mommie, Sophie, Teddi, Sadie, Lady, sounds like ie, Well not all but most, IContinue reading “Curious”

Yesterday’s lips,

Without a lone crow cawed, Unseen yet present, Room within, Cold as fresh fallen snow, Crisp lackless, Vacant warmth, Hint of cherry incense consumed the air, Speck of lip gloss upon her collar, Heart silent, No entryway visible, Still, Darken room, Corpse where she fell, Ashen color, Fire still roared, Cat curled in her stillContinue reading “Yesterday’s lips,”

Cat lover taught

TikTok, Tick Tock, Take an old tooth or new brush, Wet it, Makes terrific brush for car family, Its said it feels like mom brush with her tongue, Though that is puzzling, Were the people told by meow’s? I would have said it stimulates memory of ones cat mom, I found it a great idea,Continue reading “Cat lover taught”


In twenty twenty I lost my best friend & mom, Second time first time January two fifteen, Lost my baby sister, I morn them both until my end draws to a close, Met a lovely black calico and her two adult kittens, One evening in August the scary smoker neighbor brought by, Miss Emily theContinue reading “Sammy”