Darndess Stupidest things said!

People, People Churches must open People must gather together People must isolate Wear your mask! Not me! Not me! Drug will be administered to all President meets with world leaders Like where is Waldo/trump? Video of world leaders room met Waldo/ trump only leader unmasked! Like my dad thought rules of saftey were for othersContinue reading “Darndess Stupidest things said!”


Bullied kids and adults Like kicked baby animals People are kicked Abused Lied about Narcissists keep their base close Tools used against your loved ones Narcississ bullies in families are deadly The tools they use to distroy you Recalled Remembered Will be used to seal their deaths No guilt No fear Cutting you off fromContinue reading “Fragil”

Questions are and are not

Throughout life couriousty has burned Wondering this and that A professor once said theres not a stupid question just people to afraid to ask! Not sure still at sixty two nearly if true Fear stops people through out life Fearful to appologize Admit wrong doing Afraid to request better pay Guilt of not standing byContinue reading “Questions are and are not”