A dear one believe it is foolish to see out a priest, Just as soon talk to a Rabbi, I feel bewidered, lost, Like R2D2 I have thoughts and questions, No one to share them to, I’m not seeking a forgiveness just an ear, An ear of someone who will hear the pain I sufferContinue reading “Witness”

What a word Time!

Use to look forward to Time with the Heike cousins, As a child looking forward made horrible things vanish, Family. lost Becky Rohr Clark to cancer, Dad(Dr.L.N.Heike) 2012 dementia Mom{ Marian D.Bittenger Heike) murdered by Diana Lee Dudly two codine packs a week) on our diabetic my best pal and mom. Ellen Beth Heike Mathis,Continue reading “What a word Time!”

Daddy’s girl

Daddy’s ninety three, Daughter oldest sixty-eight, Yesterday were hugs and tears, Gay daughter momma treats like not irrelevant, Hates her life partner, Me, Neither parent’s care to meet me, Why! Simply because I’m gay, Not a choice as others believe, Who I am is simply in my jeans, I mean genes.

The little mother

Ellen Beth Heike second youngest Heike cousin, Games were different with baby Ellen, Charles(Cub) Heike made Ellen only one not allowed to be tossed in lake, Only Ellen could push in Everyone, When we fished Ellen and Connie Ulmer were doctors, We had three small docks, Word would be screamed ‘Oh Doctor your needed!’ SwiftContinue reading “The little mother”

Chapter 4-8,39 clues, Storm Warning by Linda Sue Park

Chapter 4, https://youtu.be/NSlA01ygydA Chapter 5a, https://youtu.be/fNmPoHaznr8 Chapter 5b, https://youtu.be/c9Dlpz5On34 Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/SFtkDOG989M Chapter 6b-8, https://youtu.be/x-WeDNSJpv8

Chapter 18,19,20,Yada,Yada Prayer group get rolling Neta Jackson

Book 1 Chapter 18, https://youtu.be/siydTR07pGQ Chapyer 19, https://youtu.be/FzTGn26Xwug Chapter 20a, https://youtu.be/ColviUBWJYk Chapter 20b, https://youtu.be/j64H1qxHbRw

Just a Wisconsin girl

First husband wed, Four young gave, Things changed for young bride, Met a Minnesota boy, Beieved trump best choice Amerca, Believed his retoric, Heard the garbage, Obama not America son, Thirty four years wed, Brent Wents, Both voted for trump, Not beieve trump needed to be removed to jail. All in Wenesday assauly jailed, LikeContinue reading “Just a Wisconsin girl”

Chapter 31 – End book,Mysterious Circus by Jane Langton

Hall Family Series Chapter 31, https://youtu.be/MG11vv0V5oM Chapter 32, https://youtu.be/V-HwNfhG3fo Chapter 33, https://youtu.be/sO4RHpBHHFA Chapter 34, https://youtu.be/g75R4_Pzfbw Chapter 35-37, https://youtu.be/_I2c_jpRcq8 Chapter 38-43, https://youtu.be/geEa0O6PL_s Chapter 44-47, https://youtu.be/6T-xv2D30aM Chapter 47-51, https://youtu.be/xV2nX0yuMoQ Chapter 51, https://youtu.be/Npzi9pPbVg0

Human Cat momma’s

Hello that’s one of the things I am. Says Sam! Says me! Somedays We Think wish all would take a nap. I slip away, English muffins toasted with cream cheese, One cat, Mr. Black my oldest believes to his core I’m his. Wanders the floor, Peers in all corners, Climbs upon my chest, Squeezes thingsContinue reading “Human Cat momma’s”

Why is it the phrase ‘Served their time’, seems like unimportant knowledge?

Why do people adorn themself with cross? Act like they belong to a deity. Supported by a humble Rabbi, Whose birth they spend millions to celebrate and yet really know nothing of the man. Jesus if alive today would be two years the senior my nephew Daniel, Daniel the boy and man’s mom knew regretContinue reading “Why is it the phrase ‘Served their time’, seems like unimportant knowledge?”