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If offered Litoshi

If have too reach level one hundred, To ear. 300300 bitcoins, They are saying must reach level 100, Reaching level one hundred making no money, Winning 300,030 Bitcoins, Best sit down while I tell what you win, One hundred thousand equivalent $1.29, So 300,300 equals =$2.32, Go to Kwik Star buy bitcoins Kwik Star, reading “If offered Litoshi”


Brigadoon or Quasqueton

Funny ones in Scotland, Ones Iowa, But yesterday, Traveling back from Independence,Iowa, The haze pressed down from the heavens, Brigadoonian’s step as if out of a daze, One town mythical One town where this poet writes, Frank Lloyd Wright, House sits seven miles hence, Quasqueton second oldest town, Buchanan County, Brigadoon created by a bargainContinue reading “Brigadoon or Quasqueton”