You buy a compact one, Energy saver, Tell those around you why! Every week I’m asked if I moved fridge to bedroom! Every week I say ‘Why!’ Answer never fails’ so your walk will be closer!’ What the hell are these people thinking? Fridge was bought to downsize to better energy user! My goal isContinue reading “Fridge”

Killers made out of rubber by products!

Virus gave doorway access, Bags once seizing in Iowa as in other states renewed life! Wal-Mart No longer alliws customers own cloth bags! Excuse I think.Cloth rarely kills! We who love mother earth know the harm done by by products of oil! Land,air,mammals all suffer! Global warmer deadly to all! Why is it oil productsContinue reading “Killers made out of rubber by products!”

There are those I supose! There are those!

Quote from a song from Disney’s the happiest millianaire all star including Fred Mc Murry,Tommy Steele, and Leslie Ann Warner to name just a few. See two older women were debating the konds of people in the world. The one an older actress did not want her grandniece assorting with John Davidsons people in caseContinue reading “There are those I supose! There are those!”

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