Why? Disabled are not Allowed Go work to pay our bills and have a better life?

If in today’s world we have rights if we are unable to walk why does Uncle sam prefer us Homeless? I have bad ankles and varicosities veins from thirty- two years standing working on concrete “No mats,’ Put $10000 down on a trailer last September to rent to own, I need more coming in aContinue reading “Why? Disabled are not Allowed Go work to pay our bills and have a better life?”


Last name not occupation, Luray,VA, Ran Work Force, They understood people seeking work at home, They got wanting to pay our bills, Put food not from the government on our tables, They got my shoes were’t steel toed, They bought me steel toed so I could take a job working for Coor”s, Job demanded meContinue reading “Painter’s”

Reason why people seek work at home!

No judgement No one spending all day wondering is that all the clothes a worker has People seeking good paying job usually are not clothes hogs Life is more then elegant clothes I have nothing elegant Except tools of my trade Typewriter and new laptop I want to work Pay off my trailer faster HaveContinue reading “Reason why people seek work at home!”


Food inspectors that’s one food service I woukd beat out all others. No food service inspector should EVER call the sites they plan on inspecting so they can be prepared.Prepared people are like the best kept house. No debry. No filth like wealthy people going to church in their sunday best. At all resteraunts IContinue reading “Scavengers”

Work at home a fantasy!

I have looked forever for customer service or sales or marketing as my older nephew Robbie use to say all the time “Nada!’ That’s the word means none. Porn porn jobs actual employment not some scammer sending a bogus check to you to cash with an idiotic story that predates the bogus money.I have beenContinue reading “Work at home a fantasy!”

Disability vs. ?

Written honoring the love and confidence Dr.Deb Fordice instills in her daughter. There are definately different degrees of inability to perform labor. I’m disabiled because at fifty(08/11/2008 4p.m.) I was struck by a retired ninety three year old retited attorney that someone should have had the balls to say No, you can not see tenContinue reading “Disability vs. ?”

There comes a time

Young money matters more then what you do.No more! No more! I’m a writer. I’m a assit. Know antiques. How to buy , look for good deals. Monitor staff.Walk with a cane. Love talking to people. My time might not be money I hope it will be one day. I’m Awesome with animals. Good heartedContinue reading “There comes a time”


Seems like the easjest thing for anyone to grasp Right! Penniless means Without pennies! Why is it when I tell people I got a lousy 160.48 for the pickup I drove for five years.I tell them my pickup was so in earnest that as it rushed djwn the parking lot at the lousy Low RentContinue reading “P.E.N.N.N.Y.L.E.S.S.”

Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian

Hey Montena! Moving to North Western Montena. I’m a good shot, safe driver, walk with a cane , great with babies and older ladies. Got spunk! Hello moving to Montena hope in June.Worked 32 years in hospitality. Studied hidtory North East Iowa Community College and Luther College.Was hit by a car on a ten speed,August,11thContinue reading “Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian”