Another day

No park bench, Taking $509 from my metal box Money kept for rent and utilities, Went without , Not life, Not living, No wonder people come to my country, I Norway to get on Welfare you become a citizen, In America all you have to do is say more! I want more, However I wantContinue reading “Another day”

72.Greetings: Have you ever been struck by a car or lied about by family.

Struck by a car twice once at 18 and once at 50 hurt more to be lied onto Elder Abuse like my good name matter for nothing as moms rights not to be forced from her home.

School loans

Too funny sad Returned to college at Fifty Really is a younger person’s trip No responsiblities sirt of thing I drove Amish for gas to go to school Tended garden for my mom,cooked and washes Fulltime Math major Studied most of the night Got mom food started coffee Two O eight after a final BikingContinue reading “School loans”