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A true blue sister

Walter Cuba Hood, I hear you feel more sadness, Sadness surrounds us, Every smile pushes grey away, We all harbor dim days void of light, We are all scared, Life is like a sealed box, Endless possibilities, Your life brief but when sad feels endless, With each new day, Like the sealed box, Windows andContinue reading “A true blue sister”


Just wondering!

Why do WordPress send us notification when we write something? I was there at whatever’s creation! Why does messenger send us what we said in our messenger? It makes no sense, Are we in the Matrix? Surrounded by Androids? I hate it as must as anything behind me, My older half sister made me shellContinue reading “Just wondering!”

Standing on the dock

When deeply hurt Beyond said I step back Travel through time and space August 1978 In Sawyer County I’m nineteen on leave after graduating US Army Boot Camp First woman in my family The lake was home Eight miles from Lorreta,Wisconsin Cub Lake is a lake with land on Chippewa Flowage through woods to BearContinue reading “Standing on the dock”