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Ring a ding,ding

From eight thirty till? One Ringa dingie, Two Ringa dingie, Three Ringa dingie, Depressed friends calling, Sometimes when she’s sad might call her poet friend eleven times, I tell her I’m an empath, She’s deep in her world Sadness buries one, Depressed one name, Sleep most days, She’s been tramatized, Raped by her dear oldContinue reading “Ring a ding,ding”


Woo is me,

.Wa,wa,wa, I slept all day, People want me to stop, Wa,wa,wa, Friend chews nicotine gum, Twenty years of chewing, Started when stopped smoking, Calls me every night, Wo is me! So sad I like her but, We all have a little sad, Celia has so much sad, Renting another room she could fill with herContinue reading “Woo is me,”

Like white board

Eraseable Changeable Is it sadness Running on empty No more heart Feels left life But when I write Open a book to read Feel my heart restart This is what a purpose does For me my small business My YouTube Channle gives me Voice in the silent empty room Words grant me solice Does notContinue reading “Like white board”