A Christmas concert

Decorah, Iowa different and new, Twenty twenty, Otters a dear old friend, Gifted its true and more, And more, Where my words sing true void notes, Otters musical, Loves but one man, Decorah,Iowa hope they know the real gift Otter bestows is himself, This is mostly a shared Christmas Concert, baby Many people are justContinue reading “A Christmas concert”

Decorah Iowa

Its the law! Wearing mask on the streets Wearing mask in stores What governs that? No one repremanded customers.with no mask at Kwik Star! Bikers no mask Amish at Farmers market No mask! Is a law just empty words! Brainless thoughts! Are all mew laws up for interpertation? Are all laws just words? Then letsContinue reading “Decorah Iowa”

Things change for some, not for all

Town goverments care more This year Ossian Iowa no July 4th parade Annual historic,patriotic event not this year Still in Ossia mask go no where Fire works boldly shout ‘America still land of the Proud Brave Free!’ Decorah Iowa our county seat No Nordic feast thousand pass Iowa No ragride! Historic! Still Iowa State fairContinue reading “Things change for some, not for all”

Walmart credit card

Hello, My Walmart credit card was fir $300. Silly me I thought cool raing day money.Last time I thought that was a bank account with saved seed money in it my then roommate borrowed out of me for a pal to buy pot then smoked in my cats faces because she thought it was funny.Continue reading “Walmart credit card”