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Rainy Friday

Iowa weather people, Wrong again, Suppose to be seventy sunny, Rainy and crappy, Saw a little boy fishing yesterday, Good for him, Me working in shed, Or working in my garden containers not gonna happen today, Will have to go out to bring in my key, If rotten neighbor brought it back. Rainy day Friday,


Is doing your Best OK?

You try to dot all the i’s, Correct your deficient, I try to be a good person, Last year this time thought the world was gonna be ok, I was going to have better, Happier days, A lady asked me to be hers, No one ever cared to ask me, I was beyond happy, ThatContinue reading “Is doing your Best OK?”


Clouds grey Pink pales in the sky We love Love is ripped ftom us Moments become years alone Morning comes Hearts still broken Rabbits hop by They scream when in pain Some of us scream all the time Silently day broke Lunch came Street lights came on Moon takes center stage Velvet black rolled acrossContinue reading “Briefly”