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Was board last night

Looked at FaceBooks attempt at dating, In job list, list no Blogger writer only Iowa farmers, Is Facebook so in the dark as to imagine Iowa is full of Farmers? They wanted to know my height, They could not comprehend Lesbian butch Writer/YouTuber, Hate to see the men pretending to be women they send. NotContinue reading “Was board last night”

Full in

Why is it some play at love? Toying with other hearts Dangle a toe in Teasting out the warmth of waters Others sit hearts off to side Play at passion Empath sensatives me Blunder in Believe lies willingly Imagining other words Thoughts are like yours Forgeting No ones like you Full throttle ahead Not anymoreContinue reading “Full in”

Kick the tires

Just a girl here, no idea what that means when I kick a tire I just hurt my foot. But this saying goes with everything in life like dating. If someone comes to spend time with you but half way to you tells you she paid her car payment. I was like that’s good. WhatContinue reading “Kick the tires”

Which is stronger love or hate? Both kill.

Almost ten whole months since I heard my mom say Hi Val how are you. I miss you. In heart it  weeps . Missing mom until my heart stops beating time . Diana will be completely clear of every one of her sins of hate and all her lies. Tears burn trails down my cheeks.Continue reading “Which is stronger love or hate? Both kill.”