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Family murder fire starter Narcississ bully

When mom died all Diana Lee wanted, Gaslight a most awesome friend and mom. Not perfect that doesn’t matter, That never matter, I always wish she saw me like other mothers viewed their daughters of a certain age, If mother had been able to see Diana for what she was maybe we could have stoodContinue reading “Family murder fire starter Narcississ bully”

Chapter 28,We’ll meet again by Mary Higgens Clark

Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

Watch “End of Chapter 3,Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood” on YouTube

Gaslighting tool of a narcississ

Consists of lies to control Stockholm syndrom! I was lied about. Mom was harrassed and bullied.What would you do? I know what I will do. She knows in her heart what I’m going to do. My half sister took my good name and tosses it away as if it was hers to di as sheContinue reading “Gaslighting tool of a narcississ”

Why are lies of a narcississ socialpath thought ligit and the truth seen as fantasy?

anothreo one even inspected my half sisters words and she told Iowa Human Service Department what I said ws fantasy. She told don’t talk to mom because mom lies. Marian D Bittenger Heike Never lied its not in her make up in fact if anyone were telling something mom would interrupt and tell exactly howContinue reading “Why are lies of a narcississ socialpath thought ligit and the truth seen as fantasy?”


I think of that song from White Christmas my sisters rom birth are Nothing like that! One lied me on to Elder abuse so she could force our mom into her hands where mom{an independant intelligent woman could be controlled vie Gaslighting in an enviroment like exactlty like Stockholm syndrone.} The other one knowing herContinue reading “Sisters”

Bully or ….

Are you happy Ellen Beth Heike, you stood by a woman’s lies. Ellen allowed our mom lied into believing Diana’s Gaslight lies. I don’t believe in Karma I believe in me. Know that one day you will feel my rath. You Ellen Heike stold my family and mom. Dr.P is sending me all Diana’s liesContinue reading “Bully or ….”