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I see me, That’s what I believe a profile is, Me seeing me, Sharing my good attributes, Generous, Good hearted, Honest not a user, I rarely share : Used, Abused, Victim, PTSD, I share Empath,Writer,Scholar, Just read a profile stating a woman was Bi Polar, That’s not an attribute, I also trust no one withoutContinue reading “Profiles”

Trailer Don

Window must all have curtains, Nothing can be on porches, All doors on side of trailers, Old trailers must have bumps pounded out of them, No trailer can be made to look like wood on outside, No originality, No your door can not be in front, This is where? America no way? America has neverContinue reading “Trailer Don”

Dirt, I remember like it was yesterday!

Seems everything like every season has its time. When I was a kid we played.Outside was our domain.Dirts home from home covered my cowboy boots, my white tee shirt, my nose. Bacon juices and bacon was okdokey.Why just last Thursday I was watching a guest cook allowing something to coat the gracefully swim around inContinue reading “Dirt, I remember like it was yesterday!”