Writing on the wall,Elizabeth Mattox

Chapters:15,16a,16b,17a,17b.18,19,20 Guidepost Christian Mystery Series (15) https://youtu.be/vI6_mTtj4uA (16a) https://youtu.be/5W3OyQpKYCg (16b) https://youtu.be/ZDTYBl4ICzM (17a) https://youtu.be/RssNj64JW2E (17b) https://youtu.be/xSm4Qd1JXv4 (18) https://youtu.be/tkVtctDMTSM (19) https://youtu.be/3IdgdhmKhsM (20a) https://youtu.be/tTTW9AhBFBY (20b) https://youtu.be/YP2ItiMVkc4

Chapter 1 & 2a,Writing on the wall by Elizabeth Maddox

Guidepost mystery Christian Mary’s bookstore book 2

Chapter 25a,Rewriting history by Vera Dodge

Chapter 11-12 1/2,Rewriting history by Vera Dodge

Discovering where Rebecca was going

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