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Its a wonder

Farms have cat, Cats have kittens,Kittens survive couriousity, My two live with in the house, Sophie and Teddy, In one thing after another, Only not peeking when asleep, Good thing human kids are less interested then kittens, Or is it, Imagine children seeking to know more?

Why is it hard for christians doubt their child’s word.

Four year old lady love of mine, Walked with Jesus, Told her mom Jesus choice me! Why would any mom believe their lord would not come to a child? Was her mom’s belief in her religious leader less? Is there not a quite’ suffer the little children to come unto the lord? How can peopleContinue reading “Why is it hard for christians doubt their child’s word.”

Chapter 25,We’ll meet again by Mary Higgens Clark

see you guys, last words

Watch “Chapter 10’11 1/2, Starring Sally J.Freedman as herself by Judy Blume” on YouTube

Watch “End of Chapter 3,Flying Too High by Kerry Greenwood” on YouTube