Distinct Character

Every being has one, Take Sophie my eldest calico, When a kitten her past life caught up to her, A nineteen twenties deva, First time in heat befire being fixed, She woukd stroll in front of me, Fling herself hither and neither, And silently scream mommie ‘look at me!’ ‘Are I not devine!’ I wouldContinue reading “Distinct Character”

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The Marine, John Cena, Like John Wayne,Green Barrets, Meets Die Hard movies, Bruce Willis, But I think as a writer, Witnesses need to be toast, Toast burnt, No survivors, No witnesses, And theres a hot side kick, Every hero needs one, Awesome romp, https://www.pluggedin.com/movie-reviews/marine/ https://www.tiktok.com/@valwhitewolfmedia/video/7088553104961965358?_r=1&u_code=dmem3mj7h356i4&preview_pb=0&language=en&_d=dmem44k1b69926&share_item_id=7088553104961965358&source=h5_m&timestamp=1650432561&user_id=7048852354673935365&sec_user_id=MS4wLjABAAAA73_FBK0rB6OrbE7OZ2b5y_MEP6TzIKh2FX61VwGsHyE3A_3gPOpVs8lo7o0nZHYa&utm_source=copy&utm_campaign=client_share&utm_medium=android&share_iid=7087952254565467946&share_link_id=ffac41e4-abcb-4e30-acc3-cdad8aac8786&share_app_id=1233&ugbiz_name=Main

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