White rasinete and the rat

Every place got rules Low rent crappy housing same You got a pet Dog out on leech with pooh bag Cat only inside Miss rasinete thought rules for others Two year August suck here me! Until last fall here sweet black n white Mostly roaming loose Sweet cat Dimwit human Pity most animals get NoContinue reading “White rasinete and the rat”


When Black my cat was so sick and his skin appeared to ooze from his addition to bath all the time.There is like a thing cats get I associate it with hives instead of itching the irritation he was licking. In many spots he was bald it was like he had been burned. Last AugustContinue reading “Fidelity”

All those we love need

Be loved Human n animal Fured sensioned being or nor When in my home My cat Thomas loved kittens Like people they strive harder Some of best humans this poet knew Loved Spoke critter Not like English Their love pure not contrite Not asking you for more then yout heart Freely giving theirs Moments spentContinue reading “All those we love need”

Chapter 29-30a,The Cat,The Quilt and the Corpse by LeAnn Sweeney

not enough Java