Ring-A,Ding damn!

Who the ##&$@ is it? Visiting Mr.Black and Sadie, One lap, Disagreeable cold cats, Ring-a Ding darn! It’s four am, Have to keep my table light on, Cats to close tomy eyes, Florida calling, Last time at five am! Bewilders the crap put of me, Can’t help me a simple poverty stricken poet leave povertyContinue reading “Ring-A,Ding damn!”

Hate Student loan callers

. . If thet work for the government, Why are they erronous to the fact I pay monthly, Stipend still paying on debt, When I call their number, They ask if I make more then seven hundred but, Less then nine hundred I say ‘Yep!” They they hang up, I ask you how the hellContinue reading “Hate Student loan callers”

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