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Scams smell

Think with second brain, Of late there was this person, Male/ female I never knew, Suppose US Military, That is usually scammer SOP, Standard Operating Policy, Figuring as Americans we are more carrying for those serving, Nice ploy they are also a lesbian, Well this ok let us say predisposed lesbian, Jibber Jabbers every nowContinue reading “Scams smell”

So many children,

Today I spoke, Tomorrow I meet, A woman whose destiny changed, Love of thirty&five years, Empath,writer,poet, As a youth was homeless, Slept in garbage because bins, Under bridges, On the pavement, Had it tough, Was adopted by a man that raped and did time for sexually assaulting his daughters his own daughters, The four leggedContinue reading “So many children,”

In a witch’s wardrobe by Juliet Blackwell, Chapter 13a-

Chapter 13a, Chapter 13b Chapter 13c Chapter 13d Chapter 14a, Chapter 14b, Chapter 14c, Chapyer 15a,