Was asked today,

Comment guy, I go to Cedar Rapids because I’m a driver not a hooker, I drive, I a lesbian who drives for people, Never interested in getting drilled, Only date other lesbians, And that’s grand, I like every bit, Ladies are fine, Will never understand women fatting their assets, Nor tatooes, Women are sexy andContinue reading “Was asked today,”


Ticklish a woman’s palm, Pull her into a deep embrace, Run your hand down her back, Within the hollow touch gently, Bend into her nape of her neck, Brush your lips until, Until her earlobe falls into my mouth, Bring her palm to your lips, Kiss her gently, Release, Walk away, Never look back, IfContinue reading “Craddled”

Three words

Number set, Bibles full of stories and number sets, Most used are 666, Forty days and nights, Three the trilogy, Father,son and holy ghost, Christianity, Early yesterday I was sure my smartphone was possessed, Everytime I wrote a different language appeared, Then I realized the extra thing in my hand, Result in moving the thingContinue reading “Three words”