People are like potatoes

Russets, golden,white, sweet , over cooked, then meally, too dry sometimes burnt. Women are that way in a way special not all the typical way. All lovely in their way I assume if you lean toward various nuances you will understand love holds no boundry. Race is like an idology has no place in loveContinue reading “People are like potatoes”

Two Patsy’s and banks

Patsy Sue Brown of Wolf town Virginia and Patsy of Calmer,Iowa. Swell friends both. Patsy Sue my first non TV star my first out of closet crush. When you come out of the closet you are unsure until you touch a lesbian butch first touch a real woman. Patsy sue really,Really was a woman sheContinue reading “Two Patsy’s and banks”

Watch “Why rural Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin need my Rural Rideshare” on YouTube

Found a 2000 Escalad Cadelac SUV looks good. Paul my friend in Canade just wrilote this to me:How I do since I’ve been back to Canada I haven’t driven in 15 16 years cuz I couldn’t afford my driver’s license hand can’t even afford to buy a car I just told him I haveContinue reading “Watch “Why rural Iowa,Minnesota and Wisconsin need my Rural Rideshare” on YouTube”

Why word startup scares capital off?

Start up is like a four letter word to venture financers when the concept should be what people seeking investment should be viable. Business is not like a game full of wimps it takes GUTS not to want to sit around in poverty till people actually realize your death decaying! Guts is a terrific fourContinue reading “Why word startup scares capital off?”

No Zing!

Anticipation of no longer lonely stinks as much as sure people have changed.Some people become victims of others or cirrcumstance. Others blame others for their lot in life. Since an old friend has come from Montena to start or take me to her state I’m so impressed by me it shocking! How dare her believeContinue reading “No Zing!”

Always remember

Always remember when you work for yourself – You Never work for yourself! Always remver that when you work for someone else even if its Salary slavery Does not legally exits in America any longer. Baby yout time is yours even when you work at home for someone else. Its Important to separate them(whomever youContinue reading “Always remember”

Rural Rideshare

Eighty five dollars for a ten mile trip to Walmart and home to STUPID! As Val’s Rideshare a dollar a mile,first hour shopping free. After first hour every additional hour two dollars to four hours then five dollars an hoyr.Time is money.People like myself stuck on $680 a month on crappy disability you charge toContinue reading “Rural Rideshare”

Where’s the America that protects the innocent?

Guess if I can fix it I will. No money my state for legal aid to clear my name or to sue the two who continue to lie to my mom. My mom went from December 2018 wanting to talk to me believing I had stopped talking to her by choice unaware that in MayContinue reading “Where’s the America that protects the innocent?”