Psychology and the salon or barbershop

Stories ours as a natoon allows us to stand up to bullies

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Commercial Lesbian Empath who reads books to teach writers to be better wtiters and to suggest that everyone should write their story, because they do matter and people will never know their story if it never gets written. Val’s Whitewolf Media YouTube Channle

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Seeking business mentor

Skilled at writing a Grant. Purchasing land Licencing needed for permission operate in tri state aress Incorporate so my plans can not be confiscated fir others use. Why is this seen as above reproach but as a lesbian planing on working connected to my communiy. Why is it a video clip seeking lesbian business mentorContinue reading “Seeking business mentor”

The word

Entrepreneur is like the word writer of Youtuber. They are empty words if “”You” do nothing to own them! The goal is to profit. Jobsites look at you figure you have potential only for empty nothing jobs, why? Because you have to own those word. Work your tail off its not important how the worldContinue reading “The word”

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Youtube Content providers information is like life sharing it makes life better.