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Maybe HipHop and Blogging together will be hip,

Just read a title, HipHop now hip, Back when Rock rolled, Jive left, Rap still here, Negative now HipHop more then dance, Get the groove, Writings Blogging, Flare video and pen together, Blogging hip, Podcast equivalent, Just because you view set things unchangeable, Fathom this change is inevitable. , Rolling stone father’s moss, Change happens,Continue reading “Maybe HipHop and Blogging together will be hip,”



Difference not a lot, Naw not a big one, Blogger works,writes for followers, Columnist writes for paper, Blogger writes what interests them or to share thoughts, Columnists writes content told to write, I would love to show up all those that think in order to be whatever one needs a pay check. I have overContinue reading “Blogger/Columnist”

Loading matters,

I get frustrated especially at night, My days work loads to I can post it, Not, Nothing loads when the signal is continuously being interrupted by phone calls, I feel like Ahab’s whale, I tell people over and over this is what I do, I’m a blogger on YouTube and WordPress, If I’m up inContinue reading “Loading matters,”