The pandamic changed nothing, I knew no one that worked at home Learned last night, know one girl, Not an Iowa , resident Florida, How do we all not become criminals? I lifted barges and totted bales when young,(meaning I worked as a man. At home that’s what you do. Worked my tail off doingContinue reading “Expected”

Might have…

Toothpaste on my chin, Fall asleep reading, Laugh, Cry, Point out vocabulary, I wanted to teach, This is one of those moments, Life’s not easy, I would like to be a beacon for future writers, Worry consumes me this week, So much is on the line, I will always have time for goals I set,Continue reading “Might have…”


The only thing I learned from trump Other Narc’s debt is not deteamental, Our success, Mine, Is going forward, I Have Sixty thousand on my shoulders, Hit by a car and standing again, Not dropping a classWorking hard! Luther College refused to believe I could not test out of Statistics, Seven years after not gettingContinue reading “Debt!”

Diary:July 16th-31st,2021

https://youtube.com/shorts/-ZS6jhNAit8?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/-JUjv4qZItc?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/LibR65uUEN0?feature=share https://valwhitewolfmedia.wordpress.com/2021/07/17/bertha/ https://youtube.com/shorts/20dhrhsEfHM?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/UPhlxdZYmr8?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/6_YBoROqoN0?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/RSRGMPxnPQw?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/nuAemauSo5g?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/ZZRLOLx7IWM?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/aYZB-DTznB8?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/mLta_83FHNs?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/JNrz7ejEBn8?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/tgplE5s5KOQ?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/LRS4yvQOICA?feature=share https://youtube.com/shorts/9Ityk7L5qTY?feature=share

A wonderful Disney song,

From an outstanding musical, Delightful staff of actors, A classic, This poets memory encases all in heart, Called the Happiest Millionaire, Like the All star Family Band, Without Kirk Russle or Haley Mills, Or Walter Brenen, Still very wonderful, Was in color, Fred Mc Murray,Greer Garson,Tommy Steele( this lesbian had a huge crush,) Leslie AnnContinue reading “A wonderful Disney song,”

US Census

I wrote on document, Demanding my response, Is this Russia or the land of the Free? Demanding number of people residing in a home on thing, I answered that, me, one, It saddened my cats there was no spot gor them, Not really but made you think! Asked me name of owner of my home,Continue reading “US Census”

Out there

For me when I Blogg is like, Writing, Or driving, In order to give my best my emotions have to be full throttle, I don’t do half ass, Dad wasn’t know for alot of keepable expressions, Dad did say do it right first time! I listen to encoragement lectures ever meal, Today I planned toContinue reading “Out there”

What’s the mystery?

When I sleep, I sleep alone, When I read except for, Nicholas Sparks or Blackwell I stay clear sex, Straight romance is dry, Reading of a male with naked chest I think yuck, I read George R.R.Martin,Glenn Cook, Always been, Always shall be, Soft butch, Nope not into cars, Don’t care for flannle unless sheets,Continue reading “What’s the mystery?”

Crawl _< Step

As a math equivalancy Word is not up to the task, The line is under the less than sign, Thus the stateent above us read, Crawl is lesser or equal to step, We crawl as a learning step, My love wanted to study Wicca, The Green witch group she liked expected others to miss theContinue reading “Crawl _< Step”