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Heres a question

Why can’t Bitcoins go directly ro our financial institutions? Why do Bitcoins gave to go through a wallet that’s called Bitcoins? No matter what one refers to them as on my smartphone most of what it does is mine, I mine to pay bills, I mine to fix my home, I mine for a betterContinue reading “Heres a question”


Kwik Star

Clean/neat, Friendly modern, Convenient store sells gas and good food prepared Serve Safe standards, All staff clean,neat,friendly, Prosperous selling Bitcoins, Nice modern machine, I have loved the concept for years, College students paid.their way, Stories made way onto 60 minutes, They used electricity in dorm rooms, Bit cheeky, Takes alot of electricity in fact, TheseContinue reading “Kwik Star”

Question Bitcoin games

Does value US govern games? Does creators govern what quantity earned? Qualitive or Quanitive, Seems what I could make a check in is smaller America sees they Bitcoins have worth, Those of us interested in them for years saw that, It feels like light is dawning on others, It use to me mire chance coinsContinue reading “Question Bitcoin games”


Tricky, Only one woman can call me Babe, Time, Questions, Moments, No equations, Time+Spent+growth= love, Telling me I love you wastes words, No cognitive thought, I love you us more valuable then BitCoins, I love you translates to time spent, Moments cherrished, Saying you want to spend a life time with me, Not interested inContinue reading “Relationships”

Color the world

Funny today a Bitcoin Clip I put up on TikTok was pulled, Reason I used music I didn’t! I see many TicToc videos daily, Things are heard before seen, Few use their original music, Then I also showed a healing wound Mine, I was told it was told it was pulled because it was graphic!Continue reading “Color the world”

No more holes,

No more removal of earths minerals, No more devestation, Less greed, Bitcoin mining, Windmills, Why, Electrical power needed not sweat of the brow, Wealth made, No more raping mother earth, Still wealth on nations, Bitcoins, Algorithm, Mathimatical, Therum know how, Scientific farming, No need toxic fertilizer, Farming above ground, Less land torn assunder, More AmericansContinue reading “No more holes,”