The Brownie

Marian D. Heike married Doc L.N.Heike, Waukon Iowa bought first farm from Elmer Fogt 1968, Mom and dad named the farm, The triple H, Heike’s Hilly Haven, The was old log cabin barn and house, Sometimes in nineteen thirties log house was covered in black tar, Sixty acreas rolling hills, Kids paradise, Mom loved horses,Continue reading “The Brownie”

Chapter 13,young Fridle by Cynthia Voigt

Frogs story about the moon

Order online or making due

If you have time Its easy pissy Not brain surgery Balderdash Just spent forty minutes looking for Apples, no not laptop No not cell Apples.with crunch No their wasn’t busses to check Apples,apples real,fresh with bite Walmart will not sell anything fresh Hello I’m Val’s Rural food delivery I would be with a financial partnerContinue reading “Order online or making due”

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