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Calling, When I thought I was two, I saw Mattie at her bulk foods, Love the Amish, For years I bought mom and me peaches, Shared with Ellen, My younger sister never got me, I share not out of duty, Not cause I’m required to, I share because if makes things better, Food tastes better,Continue reading “Peaches”


Honesty and my mom

A person’s honor use to be attached to our name like Peter Pan’s shadow. Our word was honor bound like a invisible contract. With false words Marian Heike’s honor was erased. My older half sister told in writting which according to Fran Phillips from Liverpool England was a legal binding document placed in the handsContinue reading “Honesty and my mom”

Surplus and me

I love Sams Club and Costco for different reasons.I adore( can you tell I’m gay? Big give away I use the word Adore!) I adore New York cheese cake its as good as a naked woman. Why because it needs no toppings or tatoos to be lovely, wonderful and FINE! A wonderful 4 letter FContinue reading “Surplus and me”