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Ok Crappy attitude here,

Why, Please tell me why jobsites are like iffy sex? Either it’s fantastic, Rockets are piercing the heavens or, Your girl friend becomes Miss Chatty Cathy, Is it so hard simply to go to a site apply for the remote job, Get working???????? I don’t care to read how every company in the world thinkContinue reading “Ok Crappy attitude here,”

Another little voice

Some of us wanted children, Some of us helped at home, Do you know what it feels like not to fit, Be absolutely the last one picked always, That was me, That is me, I’m here hearing my empowerment speech, Some take only vitamins, I cared and loved my mom, Then bango bingo I wasContinue reading “Another little voice”

Adopted family

Patrica known since 1998, Tonight asked her if you go to WW, If you go to Wally World would you pick me Surgical pads for wounds. She laughed you can do that, Judy through pain would without garbage talk, Reminds me of mom while Pat reminds me of my baby sister, Once I asked EllenContinue reading “Adopted family”

And were off,

Not yet soon, Two cats to good no expensive female veterinarian, Gonna show my girl my home town, Meet an old dear friend, She says why we go so early,car traveling on yucky oil, Lunch at noon, Adopted family, Will be long day, Yowling cat sinfgonhg al the long way, Like teenagers we went toContinue reading “And were off,”

There were No roses

No roses still best Easter since 2014 mom was still in Iowa with her family. No glass of wine under rated An adopted sisters smile alive and well with a story of a tragity prevented. My adopted sister came by, there are two little parks in Ossian Iowa. Pat brought two brownies with walnuts IContinue reading “There were No roses”