On Gossamer Wings

Sailing bye Threw space and time Up threw the ozone Rebounding to.earth No Clarence vell rang Still Marian got her figurative wings She briefly ponders Blue box drifting bye One door She stops Knocks Yells ‘You Who!’ Figures no one home Unlike Iowa’s Human Services September third twenty twelve flies away Floats a bit toContinue reading “On Gossamer Wings”

Two steps back

How can anything be better then hearing someone who loves you? How can someone fond it easier to believe lies? How can people celevrate sn event without wondering why I’m not a part of their lives? How does it become easier just to forget the family memver who was always at gatherings with mom andContinue reading “Two steps back”

Animals people and firbabies

Kicked voice words Breathing comes with sobs Bloody alone lies of hate Lonely bruise beat Dirty soil buried deep Bloody Fir and skin Writer and black cat Once loved Then tool Person bully skips away happy Blood on her hands Cat and writer Left to die Shallow grave Unmarked Dust Forgotten Abuser escapes Others dieContinue reading “Animals people and firbabies”