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Betsie Wetsie

Was a doll when i was a kid, Domesticated I was never, But when six mom and dad thought Val should have that! What was in their minds I still have no clue! Love cowboy boots, Animals, Tea since five, B.B.guns, Swordfighting with plastic bats, Betsy Wetsy bottle in one end, Pee out the other,Continue reading “Betsie Wetsie”


Watched for second time tonight, Nerd here a DVD is more then a movie, DVD’s are best Blue Ray, Never watched a three D, Well that’s not correct, At Smithsonian I saw an IMAX, Truly not same as first one I saw, The Smithsonian was of the Galapagos? Island my friend Will fell asleep. TheContinue reading “Aquaman”

Electric heater

Got one two years ago, Cheaper to use then oil, Want one more next winter, Hate cold, Friend said call Alliant Energy today, Sign up for so much a month fuel, I said No, In summer my electrical, $70 or less, Why should I pay $200/ plus a month, When fuel at Kwik Star yesterdayContinue reading “Electric heater”