There comes a time

Young money matters more then what you do.No more! No more! I’m a writer. I’m a assit. Know antiques. How to buy , look for good deals. Monitor staff.Walk with a cane.

Love talking to people. My time might not be money I hope it will be one day. I’m Awesome with animals. Good hearted not as patient as before 2012. Hard working lesbian. Need a job good paying need a lower plate and way to move to Montena.

Love country n mountains fishing awesome care taker. Love older ladies. Touch is with a smile with heart. Sixty one thats my age.

I’m sore, hurt distroyed crippled by lies. Only family I got are adopted by me. I got me a black cat and a good hearted black women.

Heart and 99% smile that’s my lady names Darlene.Her smile tickles me a thousand miles away out west.

There comes a time we seek an old love. A heart as big as my Virginia and a hand in mine . No one can live off air. I want an agent published a farm and sixty acreas wind and solar powered. No more Aliant energy and my Darlene naked in our bed .

Warmth if her smile as I read Mary Higgens Clark or Janet Evanovich books I read on my youtube channle Val Whitewolf Media.

Darlene going to be my home. Why employ a lesbian well we never want your wife or your husband an employee that’s loyal trust worthy Honorable and baby a dead shot. Best cook in Iowa.

Love the smell of fresh cut hay. Watching new fouls frolic, talking to cows and them talking back. Not a city girl.

Night got to read and go to chair. Night you’ll!


It use to be thought wrong to force elderly from where they repeated 280 times a month “No I do not wish to move away from my home, family or Iowa to granbury Iowa.’ I learned from Diana Lee Dudley desires of her elderly Mother at 82 meant NOTHING!

BRUTALLY TREATING our intellingent good hearted and natured compasionate into believing with lies Never right being a Nazi!

Im no longer a believer of my mother’s god he failed her and us. Only way I speak for her dead inspirit is my writing so moving away from mother’s Iowa who cares nothing for the truth.Nothing to defend our elderlys right to Not loose their home at anothers hand! I wash my hands of Iowa.

Seems Evil Nazi woman everyone says she will one day pay for we she wronged.I have no idea where people get their belief of that. This is my fifth Easter nineteen miles from my sister. Befire thus year is out both half and blood will feel my wrath.

Their hearts are grey dead. How do you forget family? How do you spend time with people and not wonder where those not at your table are?

I shall always remember the poem I wrote and published for Diana.And being ay Ellens home, the pile if my movies under her bedroom dresser. My Indian pictures Dan stold from the house. Not allowed agter surviving Dianas fire but not allowed to sleep in my sisters basement.

The basement of the woman Who Knew Never in my life had her gay sister harmed anyone especially not my best friend my mom.

Did you spend you youth afraid if your father, shy only at 56 to become painted a monster because it worked into the Heike family Nazi’s plan to bully our mom to Texas.August 2014 Diana’s son made four phone calls to Ellen Mathis in Waukon Iowa to weild his foul alcoholic wife beating tongue to force Ellen into corroborating with their little plan to force mom from her home.

Ellen said ‘No!’

After the fire after I left Iowa City University Hospital burn unit after 4 days in intensive care where I literally died twice. Where my first time hospitalized since born fifty six years before.Ellen could not even ask a friend to drive her to Iowa City to see her Only sister. I left the hospital spent a night with Daniels family on Cedar Rapids.

Next day Daniel drove me not to see mom but right to the Allamakee Fire Department.Diana thought she would have me blamed fir neglect for the fire she set after walking in our front door December 3rd after 8 pm.

A door she screamed at mom in October after removing my lock.”You have No business having doors that lock, You have nothing of Value!’ For proof thats a lie check with Swennies Auction house. While our mother was being told Ellen was keeping all moms property Diana had told Ellen ‘mom’ was never Ever returning to Waukon!’

It was Ellens voice that put a wrench in Diana’s plan.The fire marshal asked if I removed the lint from the vent. Ellens voice in the very back of the room. Ellens voice ‘I know Val always removed that she saved it for me!’ But in January 2015 she told me she knew it was all lies about that I would not feed our mom who was not Ever an invalid but that she was not able to go forward and tell any one that!

I have all Diana’s lies that I was never able to find an advocate to sue the white trash nazi. Like Dad beat mom and I could hardly wait until dad Died so I could continue beating Marian D.Bittenger Heike my mom and best friend. Told Iowa human service that my sistrr Ellen was afraid of me.No one ever was afraid of me I’m a gentle soul. No one cared. No one looked at the trued!

I always wonder why people will believe and not believe people like Hitler were real. A boatload of Hebrews came to Franklin D. Roosevelt seeking asylum he refused them.

No one could believe the horror of tge nazi’s were so near.Well people get your heads out of your asses they are here! Rural Iowa the house at 405 2nd street n.e. Waukon Iowa suffered enumerated horrors at Diana Dudleys hands including her fits of foul language!

Slowly and surely she is killing mom with her over the counter pain packs.In May it will be a year since I have been allowed to talk to mom.She the woman I called mom no longer exists.Hovering and Gaslighting mom into doing Diana’s will murdered the intelligent independant now 91 year old Iowan, thanks Iowa!

Incuments of time

You tube suggests that longer is better according to the algorithms used to show number of our monthy views by time amounts they watch.

However like Dr.Ernst North East Iowa Community College Calmar,Iowa use to say humans prefer periods near thirty minutes to longer.

The copywrite times seem to get over look when time on a program of less then three minutes unless the program in produced by the BBC or ACORN. Trying to summit documentation from those outlits get the media headed off at the past allowing it never to air.Excusess given maybe with different music.

I have gound if I have to split a chapter and the end of the chapter is less twenty nine minutes like seven to fifteen people will hear the end not earing the first part which hits me as foolish.

I found a reader the other day who reads the whole hog as it were. Its not the numbers of people who start to hear its those that hear every bit that matters.I would never start a song then stop half way through would you?

Any thought?

Poor people(me), not poor(you)

(Pictures my mom Marian D.Bittenger Heike, bullied to believe I stopped talking to her May 2018, proof on mom’s magic Jack the device my half sister bullied mom to using when she finally forced from Waukon Iowa,( magic Jack allows phone calls to be scanned.) So after a convienant electric drier fire night after priest Father Jim from Saint Patrick’s Catholic church in Waukon,Iowa came to discuss avenues to protect mom from being harrassed into moving to Granbury Texas.)

Poverty( me)

No vehical,no gas, insurance auto n apartment, no food. When food bank,ten miles away, food not alot but some, no job, no money,desire,plan plus no money , no food. One meal a day. Last night, Wenesday pop corn n tea supper, breakfast yucky Romona noodles n egg fried eggs, water. No veggies, no fruit.

Thursday: tea, toast, corn meal mush breakfast

When poor like me see homeless we think ( remember when we had a car and lived in it!)

Interesting to me and happy people view youth that skate potention revenue.Skate parks have sprung up in Iowa. In places now those youths no longer risk life and limb skating or skate boarding or biking kn the roads or sidewalks. Now those young and young at heart can expression and enhance their ability, love and passion!

Well alright! Still below poverty no money so we can start our own businesses . Work our asses off to get off disability, Not live in low rwnt housing, prisoners of Alliant energy instead of our own solar panels or wind power on our own homes! Leave poverty. I hope I do have better asses to finances for my Rural Rideshare and delivery business in Montena and put people to work. Have you ever wondered about us poor?

We ride no cab. Decorah Iowa’s home cab charges $1.50/ mile round trip thats twenty three dollars to drive from Ossian Iowa ten miles Decorah.If we want to STOP at Walmart for I Do Not Know Food they add $ sixty dollars! Hells spell starving in God damn poverty is what? Free!

I got a lousy $ one hundred and sixty dollars and forty eight cents for dads old pick up. F#$k I’m worth more dead then alive.

Been years since I had money to pay taxes.This time of year we get those scam calls the IRS are coming for you! Funny sad the government do not see us or care about “OUR”, Elderly. Just because people are in their eighties does not mean they belong to you Uncle Sam! My mom still did the house business ours still intelligent, even brainwashed I know I’m in my mom’s heart.Mom never tossed out anything not broke.

Mom never was an invalid, never abused or not fed. Only for three months left without a phone or TV.2013 my half sister took mom for a two week stay to Granbury Texas. Became three months.Diana took a twenty hour a week job to work to keep her home at the Granbury Ooera house selling tickets. Leaving the woman, our mom,eighty three year old that just a year before Diana had lied to Iowa Human Service department that our eighty two year old mom was an invalid and bed ridden. Left for hours at a time with no food and not fed and beaten. My sister Ellen Beth Heike Mathis knows thats a bald face lie. But Dians controls access to mom, so Ellen will take the trueth to her grave!

In 2014 just a year after mom the “invalid,bed ridden, flew home to northen Iowa, alone! Walking! Diana once again sent Iowa Human Services with exact same lies with a department who NEVER bothered to look into the trueth.Exactly like Strawberry fields in Liverpool.

Injustice ran rampide in Iowa from Iowa Human Service Department and one Narcississ Socialpath in granbury texas, what of it after all Diana’s poor sister was just a gay full time student, honorably discharged USARMY in her fifties who was always like a fly to pull off wings. Diana walks away to cripple my intelligent empathic compassionate mom. So I write! This is the only defense in my America I’m afforded.

Dead poor, Dead writer, Youtube content builder, useless poverty stricking gay American decendant of founding fathers entrepreneur voiceless bullied, me! Poverty in the wealthiest believed by other nations fed lies of our goverment see America as the place to be. Those people have never looked under the curtain and seen the real true America.

Writers others experienced the true American experience know my America if gay and valueless when our familes lie that we abused our mother then bully and lie to our mom and we have No one to really speak for the American poor innocent we are tossed beside the Roadsides of America to rust die and


You: food in cupboard and frig, gas, vehical, money, job,no food bank.Three meals a day.Fruit, veg.More then 1 pair of shoes, clothes, ability to take cans and glass to recycle bin. Not having to be aburden to get food or force to have no self respect, no attorney to stand for injustice or lies of slander.(poor Americans have No legal defense, illigals seen in the news they have legal defense. I wish they had been slandered American gay by family and poor – mean equation to be poor, gay and slandered by malice by hate of narcississ half sister who cared more for her keeping her home and property our mom had and money of moms when dad died then of mom or gay sister, only one that comes out winner of this hate crime in the Narc on Granbury Texas skilled in Hovering and Gaslighting)


Seems like the easjest thing for anyone to grasp Right! Penniless means Without pennies! Why is it when I tell people I got a lousy 160.48 for the pickup I drove for five years.I tell them my pickup was so in earnest that as it rushed djwn the parking lot at the lousy Low Rent housing to ram into the telephone pole and flatten me onto the parking lot , those people still ask so when are you getting another vehical!

In America there is NO ASSISTANCE for disabilied without vehicals and penniless to start our iwn businesses so fot eleven shitty years I have been on stupid disability. Had my name smeered No advocate.My mom forced from her home by the narcississist bully in my family.Mom was Gaslight to believe all the Narc’s lies.

I spoke to a friend that has three things I took from the house.I texted her last night asked if she could bring the brass to Luther College.Odette said she’d rather not come to Luther could I just come and get what it is I want to take to Montena with me.

I told her have no truck.Odettes response well you judt come when you get your truck back.I said my truck was Literately crushed. And I said I have no idea where you live. Odette said yes you do you were here. I said Odette I was never at your house. Odette said in 2015.I again saud No!

Then she said who was? Those guys helping me move in to the dump the roller rink us on highway fifty two they took the things over in their pickup. Odette said who were they. I have No idea except their sons gay.They were from PFLAG.

I HATE PENNYLESS the librarian ten miles away is a sub teacher and will be teaching in Ossian on the twenty fifthth of April and will come get books, records and that microwave that the eighty nine year old from Waukon Iowa gave me at the food bank. She understands Penniless!

Pat suggestion was that I got my knees fixed with the no money I have so I can walk to the library. Jesus!

When I told my adopted sister Pat her first question was ‘How do you know her?’ How assinine is that that a seventy four year old asks a sixty one year old how I met someone? But then when I give Pat something she says ‘Where do you get that? Piss me off.

I just called to cancel my insurance with my auto. I said I was moving out to Montena.I said I was not going a new vehical until I was out there and found work. So are you cancelling your renters.I said no. Since I can not cancel until I sign to do it.So will have to wait until May. So this month I paid 39.99 for auto insurance on air.

Piss me off that most farmers around northern Iowa who will not employ Iowans employ illigals.

Pisses me off that all my girl friend on disability can earn is six thousand dollars or she loses that crappy bit she earns. I want to work.I want my own working farm. I want to raise sockeye walleye n produce, grape, berries , wool on an artist retreat with nightly local talent. Utilizing my Hospitality skills.

I loath penniless.Low rent housing. Goverment thinking when I hit my eighties they have the right to tell me how or where to live while a bag of wind lies, harrasses on the phine then torches our laundry room then gas lights my mom into beliving I ever wrote lies about my mom so my mom removes me from her will.

Screens moms phone calls with the magic Jack conviences our now 91 year old mom that I abandaned mom so now mom wants nothing to do with her gay daughter. With no job I have no private detective or legal defence and the bully in my family never is sued for what she did and continues to do to me and my mom.

Poverty penniless void of transportation ambitious loyal hard-working disabilied good with all animals and babies , elderly NEVER in my life hurt anyone and the one I long to hear died or is missing is in granbuty Tx.

Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian

Hey Montena! Moving to North Western Montena. I’m a good shot, safe driver, walk with a cane , great with babies and older ladies. Got spunk!

Hello moving to Montena hope in June.Worked 32 years in hospitality. Studied hidtory North East Iowa Community College and Luther College.Was hit by a car on a ten speed,August,11th 2008.Walk with cane. Seeking employment contract if not full time.Terrific with all animals latge and small.

Worked and lived Mt.Rushmore 1994,95,seasonal.Went full time Lead in Fudge and Ice Cream November 96 left 98. The head of personel was not keen on LGBTQ community so when I came out I left before I was literally shown the door.

2000,2001 and 2002 worked seasonal Virginia for Aramark Shenedoah National park.Trained Customer Service,Add on sales, money handling,management,Room Inspecting,laundry, backroom clerk.Have worked dishwasher tend to drop things when carried now. Love prep cook can sit sometimes.

Worked Prep cook August to October Wagon Trail Resort, Door County Wisconsin. Their season is through October 15th. Terrific from scratch learned from best cook in world my mom. Matian D.Bittenger Heike Im borrowing moms face. In 1997 I was certified Serve Safe Manager Reinhart Foods.

Bell hop and delivered liens.Will live in Plains.Have an Honorable Discharge US Army 1978.Did not get my BA have a higher math disability from hitting concrete when 93 year old attorney stopped after hitting me.I have a Youtube channle Val Whitewolf Media.I read books. I also write on WordPress. Im a hard worker loves our National Parks. Hate poverty and low rent housing.

Dirt, I remember like it was yesterday!

Seems everything like every season has its time. When I was a kid we played.Outside was our domain.Dirts home from home covered my cowboy boots, my white tee shirt, my nose.

Bacon juices and bacon was okdokey.Why just last Thursday I was watching a guest cook allowing something to coat the gracefully swim around in nothing but the everyday common bacon (hush, come close I’ll whisper. bacon juice!)

Eggs and real butter were spoke about freely not treated like they were a dirty little secret. Other things I find bewildering we at the Heike household always loved vinl record.

It was not to long ago people in the know were telling us the buying puplic that C.D.’s sound was less appealing then the records of the nineteen seventies.

Too funny. Yesterday I asked Pat an adopted sister of mine if she woukd take the records mom bought in a box for her church rumbage sale. Pat made a face and said ‘ Oh I don’t think anyone wants those old things.Hell I have two brand new one of wish is still in the sealed plastic envelop of Bing Crosby.They go to Montena!

The CEO’s of Wally World world not have them for sale new copies of big sellers like Elvis and Fleetwood Mac and of coutse the Beetles.Hellsbell! Vinyl’s back!

Dad Dr.L.N.Heike would say get with the program. Wallmart who I would love to be a buyer for knows whats what. Wally world would not remarked nostalgia if it produced no profit. Like Mark Mitchell of Virginia would say only teal music is on Vinyl. Mark also has some CD’s.

Dirt now parents who went through the omagining that it was dirt that made people ill. With scientist coming out telling mom and dad children would be less ill with more dirt!

I was nearly knocked flat when I heard they someone whom ever this gay Iowan has no clue sounds stupid I NEVER ate dirt! I was a kid in the sixties the nineteen sixties that is. We NEVER ate dirt.We were bright we knew the difference from make believe.When it was politically corrext to have an imagination.

Mud pies were pretend! I know of No one ABSOLUTELY no one who ate dirt! So when I heard some m.d. suggest what America children needed was more dirt I was embarrassed to be an America kid.

Has no one ever heard of the 20 second rule? I have some standards peanut butter flips through space flip flip flip Smash.Never fails to land on the peanut butter side.I will not pick it up and dine no time is long enough for me to want that, however toast and butter or a cheese sandwich.

Just wait in a few years it will return to patents forgeting children need to fall down to stand and dirt unless buried in it does not



Old post before December 2018 has my moms last photo I ever saw sent to me in January 2015. My moms 91 now she has been lied to by the worst narcississist in the milky way.

I was stopped being ALOWED to talk to my mom last May. My half sister need to take note that if she ever sees me again I will see she pays for EVERY moment and lie she ever told that hurt mom and me.

I was going to toss historianval everythong attached to every moment of pain she caused us then I thought Hell no!

Every moment people that caused an emotion or a tear to slide down your cheek is note worthy.Writers its those things that make us Better writers.

Good and bad its our weaknesses that stir us to EMOTIONS and pain that if you are like me I have to write them down. They burn like an ulcer.The thoughts the pain where from moments or others words.

I went down through my old wordpress historianval its all me its all what hurt or gave me joy I am no longer that person WordPress and Youtube give me a purpose.

Well hot to be productive. Be safe remember you matter write all those parts of yourself down as well as that next great novel, ok!

I read books on Youtube Val Whitewolf Media found out today 17000 people have viewed me eat that Diana Lee Heike Dudley she told me December 2014 with my heart broken that No one cared what I thought or what I had to say or about the Truth! She and trump are wrong!!!!