Impeachment hearings today lost me after

Republican bullies took over

The little weasle acted stupid questions of the Ambassador

After the meator acted like older sister having her way!

Yet its all history

Impeachment preceedings

Water under the bridge

Real or not

Will people win

People elected most if not all

Are they not elected

Public officials

I felt as annoyed as rude act

Protraying sex act in

Rogers and Hammerstein


‘the king and I’

When things are demeaning

Scapegoat me feels put upon


So unlike when I was a kid

I am no longer afraid my right to leave is incorrect

So this chick

This poet

Iowan entrepreneur

Out, Thespian in Winneshiek County

Rose and switched




At three my whole world changed. Mom said it was a gift. Funny a gift, a person. My gift was at the Spencer Iowa hospital. My nana and I rode up and down in a small box. Then ‘bam, door open, I stepped out and I was all alone.

At three alone boggles the mind. No security, not comfortable desparate, empty ‘alone!’ That when I discoveres hate and fear for the first time. A stranger in a cardboard hat giganic offered me help. All I wanted was the box to return and be with Nana.

When I was a tow head kid of five the world was perfect. I wore my cowboy hat and white tee shirt and black cowboy boots all over the house. My constant companion was an all black dog I found,brought home and named trouble.

The darnest things trouble found on his walks around Laurens Iowa years later I recall mom telling her friend about pants and silverware brought home by Val’s dog Trouble.

No idea where I lost him I know at sixty one where he lives surrounded by my and Ellen and mom’s Penny,Tramp, my Casey,Pal,Sherman,Patches(my half sister bullied mom into keeping him and giving away my Casey.)

I will always miss my Kotten(long haired calico),Theodore cat(1,2,3),Thomas(1,2),Miss Emily(1),Schnuggler(1,2 & 3) and my Chester(1,2,3) cats gave personalities.I use to think that.

Black if theres a mean nasty way to do something he is exacly like my half sister. Change his cat box he pees on a cupboard, poohs in a corner, bites me while I sleep. Give him a bath he attempts to ripe your hand,arm,neck or breast open with his teeth.

Black would pee when I was gone in the hall or on the wood by door seal. Peeing was out

I was just so mad at him:Pooh in there I will strangle you and toss you into the garbage.Blacks in luck I’not the narcississ wind bag piece of shit my ball twister of a half sister cat killer my feara she will fie in her car in Granbury Texas.

Black still damp on my lap under my only quilt. Black was miss used before given to me. Last week he jumped on to my lap four times looked seriously into my eyes and peed on my lap.

Black will be my last cat non orange and given to me I plan on returning to the land of friend,companion.

The last four years life moments have been mostly gull of tears