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Locked up tight

Not a barn Not a house People How odd! Like cold dead fish! Answer no door Press no buzzer Don’t smile Where did the expression go Neighborly! Wheres community Lesbian dating sight theres always One man with a mustach One in drag(trust me lesbians know the difference) One something that’s photo is clevage Who careContinue reading “Locked up tight”

I miss

Having someone to share life Just spent all morning ording from Wal-Mart Didn’t order a new tv Don’t soent much time with that Can’t be productive that way Ordered a writers friend paper Will print my book Then try to get first published in long time Got licorice helps write Kitty litter,food,flee crap that fronlineContinue reading “I miss”

Does pain tell?

Val Whitewolf


Why is it presumed you are destined to remain stationary? Two to three places I’d love to live none are in Iowa. Upon bleak moments that I seek employment I NEVER place 52161! Do not care to live or die here so here I am without family their choice. Goodnight sleep well Rise rested andContinue reading “Residence”