Rare find

Allow me to introduce a rare find, Penny Martin, Fifty-nine mother of two, Married to a British cutie, Adopted, Part Amish, Animal lover crocher, I have the best fun with her, Its been sometime since I have had a travel companion, Both of us travel vie cane, Not fast just steady, She reminds me ofContinue reading “Rare find”

Rainbow symbol/flag

https://www.britannica.com/story/how-did-the-rainbow-flag-become-a-symbol-of-lgbt-pride The other day I changed my picture on FaceBook.The only rainbow on the other there was a light colored one.I like it. Every LGBTQ we are our colors. Its not necessary to ware or to identify whats in our hearts. There are those that hate us because we exist. The world as a wholeContinue reading “Rainbow symbol/flag”

Writer’s right to write their story

https://www.writersdigest.com/general/5-things-every-writer-should-know-about-rights My story, My poems usually are my life, Felt, Breathe, Others may play a part in my story, But I write my life as I see it, Any story we imagined or lived is ours, What we report or write is ours, A shared story seen through our eyes also ours,

Boo hoo!

Nightly call just came, Its all about her, Telling me her friend JoJo told her to get up and eat, She told me she had slept twenty four hours, I said I only do that when have Cellitice, She tells me she has slept twenty nine hours straight, Oh my goddess what a waste! ThenContinue reading “Boo hoo!”


Tall, Short, Blonde, Not, Blue eyed, Green, Yellow, Glowing, Young , Old, All prefer meals out of the kitchen, Unique, Or strange, Or maybe its just our way, In the kitchen its eating at home, In my office, On a box of books, Or in my chair, Its not as good as in someone elsesContinue reading “Family”

Old glory

Old glory still waves, Mine just a hand me down, Next month when in Waukon I’m going to go to my sisters old home, Haven’t been there since June 3rd,2018, Family bully the narcississ was there, Brought mom to the cabin and to Ellen’s, The narcississ mrs.satan had saud mom could Never return to theContinue reading “Old glory”

A perfect book selling app

Platform, Should have Quantity of each book a book seller is selling, List ,how many books are being sold per author, Maybe a Funnle, A Funnle would assist buyers to bundle other books written by a particular author, Then Seller would not be Put out by buyers asking them yo go through their eight hundredContinue reading “A perfect book selling app”

Take you cell with you

Sounds medieval, A cell was a room usually with bars, No one wanted to be in one, No sane minded human would care to take it with them, I learned last night from my depressed Florida friend who is a look ways yammering on about how uncaring I was, Not from anything I did SeeContinue reading “Take you cell with you”

Gosh darn tiny

Much to late for whinny, After pouring to copy cat aleve and four not real aspirins into the cup of my hand, I open palm as they all slip grom my hand, I say,No,No really loud, My firfamily just roll their eyes, Not carrying, I ‘m sure happy in the fact it wasn’t something IContinue reading “Gosh darn tiny”

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