Even without overhead a business is a business

Hello just spent three hours repricing my in boxed product with is books , The plateform I sell on is Pango off Goggle, Some act like it isn’t obvious to them that books are a product, For those people its like they are in a sense pricing to be saintly. They under price those ofContinue reading “Even without overhead a business is a business”


Sale My bookstore on PangoBooks | handle: @valwhitewolf | https://pangobooks.com/bookstore/valwhitewolf Give a good deal, Tell one, Tell all, Six books/$6 for $30, Five books/$7 for $30, July 10th,2022 -July 20th at 3am,2022, Witching hour Then like Cinderella snd pumkin and mice, Magic shall descent upon my book prices, Bingo/Bango prices will return ince more toContinue reading “Selling”

Charlaine Harris

A amazing fantastic author, Teaching this poet transitioning from historic to fiction writing, I have learned define everything, Make humans real down to purple socks, But only if you envision your vampire a purple sock sort of girl! Picture frames if they play apart in a scene then they are important , Teeth on aContinue reading “Charlaine Harris”

Chapter 6- End of book,Demons are a Ghouls best friend by Victoria Laurie

Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/4rlEVTpIMXY Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/Mz3CFvrq314 Chapter 6c, https://youtu.be/GXGbJcgMEqQ Chapter 6d, https://youtu.be/U-0Bu8uuRYA Chapter 7a, https://youtu.be/aNRTA6O4ha0 Chapter 7b, https://youtu.be/53HgDQcttCw Chapter 8a, https://youtu.be/3cyV0JzeCR0 Chapter 8b, https://youtu.be/3RkXwIT7x8U Chapter 8c, https://youtu.be/F3c7dxUouQw Chapter 8d, https://youtu.be/osgAFqfxePw Chapter 8e, https://youtu.be/K3V2T-5M6mQ Chapter 9a, https://youtu.be/or1-TEym1j0 Chapter 9b, https://youtu.be/sXbDhKq7CNA Chapter 9c, https://youtu.be/HLf7oKj_5QM Chapter 10a, https://youtu.be/DNF3IiqZN7I Chapter 10b, https://youtu.be/x76Kt9gJl9A Chapter 10c, https://youtu.be/_F9t2T-hQeE Chapter 11a, https://youtu.be/1scdt0AkOuc ChapterContinue reading “Chapter 6- End of book,Demons are a Ghouls best friend by Victoria Laurie”

Chapter 6,volume 5,Spiderwick by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

Chapter 1, https://youtu.be/3cdhev22rns Chapter 2, https://youtu.be/yRYoK_-FbP4 Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/mVWVDX3_yLs Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/eup_X8NaFeI Chapter 4b-6, https://youtu.be/NtUs3BkyU2k Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/myJiUD54nXc

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