I Rise,

Never try to put off, Celia in Florida calls sleeping pass one sleeping in, I Call wasting all day wrong, When dead is time to waste, I rise after four hours sleep, If after I eat am tuckered I nap, I’m.sixry-three pains mine, Who I am is me, It’s not others call, Should I dieContinue reading “I Rise,”


In Iowa fields too get mowed, Yesterday my lawn was chopped, Homes with cut grass looks cooler, Feel cooler, Gosh I love cut grass, Miss fall, Miss breathing, Funny huh we always give up something for something. I always wanted to be that woman with children, Grandkids and lots of animals, Susters that loved meContinue reading “Mowed”

Chapter 6- End of book,Demons are a Ghouls best friend by Victoria Laurie

Chapter 6a, https://youtu.be/4rlEVTpIMXY Chapter 6b, https://youtu.be/Mz3CFvrq314 Chapter 6c, https://youtu.be/GXGbJcgMEqQ Chapter 6d, https://youtu.be/U-0Bu8uuRYA Chapter 7a, https://youtu.be/aNRTA6O4ha0 Chapter 7b, https://youtu.be/53HgDQcttCw Chapter 8a, https://youtu.be/3cyV0JzeCR0 Chapter 8b, https://youtu.be/3RkXwIT7x8U Chapter 8c, https://youtu.be/F3c7dxUouQw Chapter 8d, https://youtu.be/osgAFqfxePw Chapter 8e, https://youtu.be/K3V2T-5M6mQ Chapter 9a, https://youtu.be/or1-TEym1j0 Chapter 9b, https://youtu.be/sXbDhKq7CNA Chapter 9c, https://youtu.be/HLf7oKj_5QM Chapter 10a, https://youtu.be/DNF3IiqZN7I Chapter 10b, https://youtu.be/x76Kt9gJl9A Chapter 10c, https://youtu.be/_F9t2T-hQeE Chapter 11a, https://youtu.be/1scdt0AkOuc ChapterContinue reading “Chapter 6- End of book,Demons are a Ghouls best friend by Victoria Laurie”

Escape mechanisms

Love naps, need naps, Try to close down, Close off, migrate to rest, Sounds simple, Isn’t, We make plans, I just called her, No answer, She hates when I text then go about my business, Nap, Sure wish I had one, Did just put three cans of lentl soup in crock pot, Soup heals noContinue reading “Escape mechanisms”

Kittens dance

Glide, slip, hop, glide, Ricochet rounds bends, Ponce where others jump, not unusually, Sophie does it best, Full of gleee, full of wonder, Like a ballerina, Grace never alludes her, Soaring like Iowa eagles, Cressing table tops, Never will my little girl roam, Inside kitty like her sister mom and uncle Black, Maybe one dayContinue reading “Kittens dance”

Sonny n Cher

Beat goes on! And the beat goes on! Listers might see only a tune, A poet hears a poem, And the beat goes on like a beat counter, Imagine if you will a piano, Upon that piano sets a triangle beat counter, Ticking, clicking,counting, Two/ four, Two/eights, Beat mattera to some, Rhymes mater not, AccordingContinue reading “Sonny n Cher”

Love WordPress

Only wish When I want to buy Premium for my wife, Why is ut when you the writer see Transaction coin in the register Knowing the self esteem Being in print Every piece writen makes a writer better Writers like young eagle First dropping from the nest Leaving the saftey of not published Then liftingContinue reading “Love WordPress”

Chapter 6,volume 5,Spiderwick by Tony Di Terlizzi and Holly Black

Chapter 1, https://youtu.be/3cdhev22rns Chapter 2, https://youtu.be/yRYoK_-FbP4 Chapter 3, https://youtu.be/mVWVDX3_yLs Chapter 4a, https://youtu.be/eup_X8NaFeI Chapter 4b-6, https://youtu.be/NtUs3BkyU2k Chapter 6, https://youtu.be/myJiUD54nXc