June creeps nearer

Fifty-two degrees northern Iowa, Five forty-nine p.m. Cold afternoon, Puts me in mind of June ninety-five, Black Hills Mount Rushmore Keystone S.D., Rained every afternoon, New employee building seasonals and fulltimers who lived on the mountain, Mount Rushmore is a year round concession, No fun all that month, Days off get sick wandering around orContinue reading “June creeps nearer”


Nine above freezing, My momma cat knew last night, Knew the kitten she had not taken to had died, Emily came to me twice, Sadness stirred deep in her eyes, A sensative good hearted, Loving marbled black calico describes her best, In time Emily adopts kittens not hers, The second time she came looked atContinue reading “Fourty-one”

Over my heart

For three nights, All night long, All night, All night long, Lost second weakest kitten, The third is sister to the three I saved in the fall, Life forms enter our worlds, Briefly touch us, My heart reaches out, In a wink they are gone, That”s so unfair, I don’t regret having the honor ofContinue reading “Over my heart”


Dad’s away, Gone to Texas to see, With his sister he drove, Youngest sons wedding they went, Left his two dogs and cat, Twenty-six year old son to care, If makes brains are grown are twenty-five, Responsibility must be skill earned, His dad and mom had ten children, I was asked to text son nightly,Continue reading “Irresponsible”


Happen, We are only mortal, Last Wednesday the hottest May eleventh,twenty-twenty-two, Hottest in my sixty-four years, Selling books they email the lables to me, I go eight miles to the Independence,Iowa library, Print the lables,pay ten cents, Drive to Winthrop mail the book off pay for the envelope, With tomorrow’s book sent off I haveContinue reading “Mistakes”

How does a woman,

Feel that certain vibration, That arosal, Joining things is out, Sex is medicine for soul to cunt, Never enough power, Stimulation on over drive, Myth older woman like it less, Another myth lesbians are everywhere! Bisexuals are, Shit now theres a kitten on my lap, I swiped a double AA out of a deorderizer withoutContinue reading “How does a woman,”


Not Flon, Phlem pussie crap thats snot good, Huge bunch of crap in back of throat, This morning as my orange kitten watched me drink milk and make me feel sorry for her, Found myself lecturing how bad milk was for her , But I paid for it I’m going to drink, Knowing the toneContinue reading “Phlem”

Why Paypal?

Mailed sixth book today, Returned to car, Less the oven it was Monday, Could not logon, Was told I have no account, I had to uninstall and install twice, I said I posted 507 books, Felt like I been punched in the gut! Found out they only pay vie PayPal, I was screwed, In 2015Continue reading “Why Paypal?”

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