Biggest commercial message

During Packers and Buccaneers game, ‘Do what you love!’ Old message, Not always possible, Or profitable, Best commercial, Children making a lego bridge, A knight needed to get to the other side, Working together they managed to get the knight across, In a sense the message is clear, It was about the night passage, OrContinue reading “Biggest commercial message”

College football

Why are cheer leaders in the stands? Arkansas Pine Bluff vs. Alcorn State, MC says “that play didn’t cound cause neither team dud nothing’, Other teams cheers leaders on the field, Nothing else on ball game, Next a Young Sheldon it 9:21pm I’m tuckered now, Down to 52 tonight, Me in my bear blanket andContinue reading “College football”


Nice an instant, Not mom’s or Nana’s, Mom’s was real cocoa and beaten egg whites, The eggs were cooked by the hot, Steaming cocoa, The egg whites whipped become awesome form, Nana”s cocoa was just cocoa with buttered white toast, Mom always had toast to dunk too but out toast was wheat or rye, MomContinue reading “Cocoa”

Cough and tooth ache

Both hard to take, One could kill me, One just annoying, Just rising now, Finally got all my book prices changed, One got away, People never stop amazing me, They look for the oddity, Select a book with the lowest price, Five dollars, Pango changes no book prices, You do, Sold the hatchet, Five dollars,Continue reading “Cough and tooth ache”

Social security card

Did you know there’s a fee? You can’t just replace your card lost, Yeah that fee is more money than I have in the world? No I was in service that number was my name, We knew it by heart, Why do I need the damn little card it been washed several times very flimsyContinue reading “Social security card”


Like Buttress, Buttress adorns a building, Burrtress is an Iowan needing no fans on and another blanket because she and her cats are freezing, So odd two days ago melting, Now freezing, This is how older people get sick and die, Forty-eight degrees five sixteen am, Let’s do the math Sheldon Cooper, Ninety-seven minus forty-eightContinue reading “Burrtress,”


Loop hole, As an author I find this appauling, These people take the ideas of nonfiction writers, Find ghost writers to write what they want written, Make covers for then fake Picasso’s, Ram them to the buying public then profit! These people ram it into the viewer of the infomercial in pidgeon talk, What’s that?Continue reading “Audible”

Cheese supper

When to hot to breathe, This rural Iowan dies Not Cook! So it was a cheese night, Chester and me and four spitty mounds fir Mr Black, Mr.Black’s my oldest cat in the kitty penetentury. No he wasn’t bad but he is having a thing by his tail, Have you ever been allergic? He willContinue reading “Cheese supper”


When life hurts, When those you love believe lies, When you loose those that made your heart sing, Bearing the beating of your heart daily, Knowing they will never know how they still make you bleed internally, Silent tears, Lonliness, Emptiness is worse, There is no time limit on loss love, Loss of your goodContinue reading “Damaged,abused,left”

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