Pure Eloquence

Short hair, Twang goes my heart, Audience, one, Layisd on my back last night, Bed of my queen, Love doesn’t mean sex, MY arm around her back, Her head resting on my arm, Munching Cheedoes, To tired to get real food, Sixty-three and eight, We had gone to Wally World, From two to seven inContinue reading “Pure Eloquence”

Pictures stupid,

Write best strongest thoughts, Words talk new fangled tools suck, Not an attractive upgrade if unoperatetive, Brass ring great poem, Media on WordPress waste, Never again , Words stick like glue, They say a picture paints thoughts, A thousand words pictures acredit, I disagree words are this poets voice, Seem many pictures I have nowContinue reading “Pictures stupid,”

Kittens dance

Glide, slip, hop, glide, Ricochet rounds bends, Ponce where others jump, not unusually, Sophie does it best, Full of gleee, full of wonder, Like a ballerina, Grace never alludes her, Soaring like Iowa eagles, Cressing table tops, Never will my little girl roam, Inside kitty like her sister mom and uncle Black, Maybe one dayContinue reading “Kittens dance”

8.)Copywrite 1879 &1889,Primer English Literature

Corrected literate 1.) https://youtu.be/Cg1SDUjNQbk 2.) https://youtu.be/N0i_mX_ent8 3.) https://youtu.be/1COfbgroRRA 4. https://youtu.be/WOcUh9epnCw 5.) https://youtu.be/ekpSnOwClWE 6.) https://youtu.be/gACxyAVXTsg 7.) https://youtu.be/mfc_6RNF0G4 8. https://youtu.be/MaOZiWMTKoI

Sonny n Cher

Beat goes on! And the beat goes on! Listers might see only a tune, A poet hears a poem, And the beat goes on like a beat counter, Imagine if you will a piano, Upon that piano sets a triangle beat counter, Ticking, clicking,counting, Two/ four, Two/eights, Beat mattera to some, Rhymes mater not, AccordingContinue reading “Sonny n Cher”

Chapter 4,Yada,Yada,prayer group gets rolling by Neta Jackson

Chapter 4, https://youtu.be/O0z0GksEEK8

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