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Tea time

Fell asleep hearing my read back, Water heated again, Checked my home, Made sure all my babies have food, Yelled at Sadie, Never start kitties drinking from your water bottle lid, Why they love it! Now my time, good rest all you wonderful imaginable fellows, You writer who I am honored by, Just knowing youContinue reading “Tea time”

Charlaine Harris

A amazing fantastic author, Teaching this poet transitioning from historic to fiction writing, I have learned define everything, Make humans real down to purple socks, But only if you envision your vampire a purple sock sort of girl! Picture frames if they play apart in a scene then they are important , Teeth on aContinue reading “Charlaine Harris”

End, A big little life by Dean Koontz

No mood to call Trixie Franken puppy

(2) of Chapter 21,A big little life by Dean Koontz

Trixie tail slipped from the blanket as if a final goodbye.

(1) of Chapter 21,A big little life by Dean Koontz

Trixie heart loved by me too.

Chapter 22a,A big little life by Dean Koonts

Trixie expected something when the guest stood up.

Chapter 11,Izzy and Lenore by Jon Kats

Caretakers need to take to.