Tongue in cheek

What a silly expression Foot in mouth Nothing tasteful bout that Polliticians Good or rats Latest tabloid trash President Obama’s Gay! I say Yeah even though its a lie! Trashy tripe Trump Gendra Bully talks trash Sexiest hates one people running for better life Depise all aliens murders rapist Nepatism rangs 45 whitehouse In IowaContinue reading “Tongue in cheek”

A woman

Fierce skeek silk black robe Nude, pearls adorn Lizabet Parrish’form. Every year, since nineteen sixteen Two lovers argue One takes her life One dies in France Grave marker was placed Down Walnut road at end of road Stoneyman,VA Lizabet died the day Jessy she slipped away to fight the hun Jewish girl full of courageContinue reading “A woman”