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Words matter, Outcomes change, Vocabulary needs to be strong, Literate writers are better writers, Just now I called the food bank, The lady at the food bank said when do you want to come on Friday? I said whatever is feasable, She said what? How can you not know that word means ‘whatever works!’


Famous quote

Charlottes web! With the right words, ‘You can change the world!’ As a poet/ write I know that to be true, Vocabualary is everything, Words change. Sentences, thoughts, Most important things about words, Words allow you to grow, You sound more intelligent people will see you in a different light. Sometimes opportunities vome from knowingContinue reading “Famous quote”

Text or books

Books are used to encourage scholars to be more proficient in a skill set. I have just had a rude comment in a cantankerous manner. I plagiarize no one! I read books on my YouTube channle to perpetuate other writers to be better writers as well as increase their vocabulary. To me for me writingContinue reading “Text or books”