Iowa winter cold

Stakes out a spot, Chilly, white, pristine, Nocember leaves fall, Air crisp and britle smells leaves, Dry,leaves smelt makes a fall memory, January few years back two dats in seventies, How odd!, How delightful! Global warming not freak of nature! February two eighteen, Winter cur like ice! Sixty below zero before feels like, Beforw windContinue reading “Iowa winter cold”

Chapter 11b,Lancaster County Amish Christmas by Suzanne Woods Fisher


Northern Iowa to Northern Wisconsin Snow rural places,small hamlets Pristine,Crisp,Brutally Deep Freeze Mouth opening causes moiture to rise Human and steaming tea kettles Thought of pure Deep Pristine First Mother’s love Daughter for first mentor Love is rare needs to be kept Hordid Our winter longer with climate change trump! Protections of our wildlife andContinue reading “Pristine”

Cross country skiing at the paster farm

Winneshiek County Pristine day thirty years ago Ellen Beth and me The hills and sand covered in a blanket an Iowan winter day Before earbuds Skiing along talking Rare feeling to feel blessed to be your younger sister’s Friend That day we were everywhere When done in Ellen shared a beer with me Nevee thoughtContinue reading “Cross country skiing at the paster farm”