End of Chapter 52,Clash of the kings by George R.R.Martin

12 was wrong its chapter 52.


Lite as air gliding seeking Howl comes from an unseen whitewolf How I feel when I share written tales Less alone Less troubled Purposeful Like my row boat the one I dream of Stays her course Floating while I stay in the current Orgassmicly, blessed less alone Tears of joy Fill me as I learnContinue reading “Feathers”

Nothing like a big eyed girl

that old saying pick us do we not bleed!

Impeachment hearings today lost me after

Iowan,Single,Out,Lesbian,Poet,Writer,business woman, me

End of Chapter 41,Clash of kings by George R.R.Martin

you were her shield

Chaotr 35&36a, Clash of Kings by George R.R.Martin

To many answers are worse then one