Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian

Hey Montena! Moving to North Western Montena. I’m a good shot, safe driver, walk with a cane , great with babies and older ladies. Got spunk! Hello moving to Montena hope in June.Worked 32 years in hospitality. Studied hidtory North East Iowa Community College and Luther College.Was hit by a car on a ten speed,August,11thContinue reading “Seeking employment Montena, strong character, Out lesbian”

Rural Rideshare

Eighty five dollars for a ten mile trip to Walmart and home to STUPID! As Val’s Rideshare a dollar a mile,first hour shopping free. After first hour every additional hour two dollars to four hours then five dollars an hoyr.Time is money.People like myself stuck on $680 a month on crappy disability you charge toContinue reading “Rural Rideshare”


Use to love, Walking! Now since August 11th at 4pm,2008,Waukon,Iowa I was strick by a 93 year old retired attoring in Waukon,Iowa. Walking is Wobbling. How do I get people to understand with my own service up and running I can work out of poverty.Have face.Regain confidence.Have heat. Place non tradiinal women who are strugglingContinue reading “Walking”

Compose Ninja

What a great idea for a business.I’m constantly wondering why I appear the only one annoyed that there is no recepriols around that allow for composting our raw veg.Tossing it out instead of gleaning all that is posible from our raw veg is irrational and ‘STUPID!’ It’s the raw waste that causes the methane firesContinue reading “Compose Ninja”

Bet you in general are unaware what ‘Social Entrepreneur’ is?

I’m it for six years from 2008 to August 2014 I drove Amisn and a few tourist.I was in Allamakee County in northern Iowa Val’s Rural Rideshare. What is that ? Welllllll! It is pretty much as many Amish as can get into the vehical and one gullable good hearted fool(me.) I was under theContinue reading “Bet you in general are unaware what ‘Social Entrepreneur’ is?”

Watch “Seeking Venture Capital for LGBTQ business” on YouTube

Business seeking Capitol, Change is possible from all. I was delighted today when a sample of my book got or peeked a publisher interest.He said I got the porn part down that made me smile but I’m more then that.